SUCCESSFULLY KICKSTARTED!  Thank you sincerely to all of our supporters!!

Welcome to Wayfarer Tactics, the dynamic miniature wargaming system that puts the whole of the Multiverse under your control!

Click me for Wayfarer Tactics full codex in PDF!

Click me for Wayfarer Tactics full codex in PDF!

The original version used the simple dice mechanic of Pocket-Tactics, while second edition instead uses a standard deck of playing cards for both activations and for skirmish resolution. With either system, you may enact epic battles using whatever models you have on hand (in any scale). Whether you want to play free-range skirmishes in dense terrain, massive squadron battles measured by the yard, grid-based dungeon crawls, or anything else, the modular core rules will adapt to your needs. It can even be played as an RPG! 

As with most of our games, we'll keep Wayfarer Tactics open source, but have physical copies of the codex available for sale as well. With your support, we'll be able to create an online resource of models, modes, and concepts to build a Wayfarer Tactics community.