Wayfarer Tactics FAQ and Discussion

Hi Wayfarer Tactics supporters, players, and fans!  Thank you for your interest in our tabletop wargaming system.  This page is where we'll post questions and answers, where players can discuss their gaming experiences, and where we hope to eventually develop a Wayfarer Tactics community.  

To start us off - HUGE thank you to Stefan for pointing out that the bumps system needed a bit of clarity.  A bump can never raise a die above six, even if the number would raise it higher than that.  Also, when re-rolling a die (in the re-roll phase) that has been bumped, it loses its bump and cannot be bumped again.

We've also started an Errata page for those of you who purchased physical copies of the WT codex.  We'll continually be updating the downloadable PDF, so the version should be up to date. But the Errata page will have any updates or corrections listed, with original page number as applicable.

Be in touch with questions.  Happy Gaming!