Successfully Kickstarted...

Introducing ScatterBlocks, our newest 3d printable, modular terrain system! Because they set up/take down like building blocks, ScatterBlocks are perfect for quickly setting up terrain for RPG encounters (each block fitting neatly into a standard 1" grid map), throwing down some (destructible?) scatter terrain for your wargaming needs, or just building elaborate play sets for your favorite toys.

The base set is available for free download on Thingiverse now!

ScatterBlocks are optimized for fast, support-free 3d printing. Print without rafts or support (at a layer height of your choosing) and quickly compile a collection. You can paint ScatterBlocks (we advise printing in black ABS or PLA to avoid having to prime) or leave them in their original colors. (Painting blocks does give them a little friction assist, however, and they will hold better.) Also, if modularity on the spot isn't your jam, you can print them and glue them together, or even just arrange and affix them in your printing program to print them in completed configurations!