Z.O.D. Dystopian Waterworks


Z.O.D. Dystopian Waterworks


We designed these 3d-printable files to be optimized for home printing and cover a wide (and expanding) variety of themes and genres. Whether you use them for RPG dungeon-delves, wargaming scenics, or anything else, these tiles print and assemble fast and easy and come off your build plate ready to paint!

This set includes the basic tiles for the Dystopian Waterworks theme, as well as corresponding model bases. 

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-Z.O.D. tiles are optimized to print along the Z axis, meaning you can get high definition on details, use less material (0% infill), and fit more tiles per print.
Because of the vertical printing, each floor tile is reversible, printing with two floor textures each.

-Z.O.D. tiles print easily in one piece and never require support material.

-Tiles easily slide or snap together for a firm hold, ensuring that each piece you print is textured to be part of the map.

-Each tile segment prints in an average of 45 minutes, and you can print one at a time to avoid curling if that's an issue for your machine.

-All genre themes will interlock, allowing you to mix and match from any set.
Z.O.D. tiles are designed for use with 28mm/Heroic scale miniatures, though we will offer options for 15mm and 6mm scale gaming as well.

-Wall tiles use their own channels and do not infringe on the floor grids, each of which perfectly accommodates a 25mm/1" base.

-Try printing your Z.O.D. tiles in black filament (ABS or PLA) and skip the priming phase, painting directly onto the surface!

NOTE: Because these pieces rely on certain print settings, you'll want to observe the following print guidelines;

-Try printing one tile at a time first.

-Print at 0% infill for the best results.

-You don't need support, but a raft may be helpful (depending on your printer and material).

-We print ours at a .2 layer height, though you could try for higher resolution if you prefer.

-We've had equally good results in both ABS and PLA.