Kyn Finvara Maker's Kit


Kyn Finvara Maker's Kit


This bundle includes OBJ files for all of the components that went into our Kyn Finvara Goblin Village series (buildings and goblins) and includes a license to create and sell (in digital or printed form) new models made with the components.

By purchasing this bundle, you agree to the terms of use and are free to do whatever you like with new designs you create without any further purchase or royalties to us aside from an attribution note (and link to our site) on your project. (Note that this option does not extend to reselling these parts as they are in incomplete form or to selling the completed models included in the sets we sell, but to new models created or remixed from the parts offered. If printing and selling the designs we sell is what you’re after, that license is available just by signing on at the $15 level of our Patreon page.)

The parts may all be uploaded into various design software programs such as Blender or Zbrush (and everything in the Goblins folder can be opened and manipulated in Sculptris).

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Ill Gotten Games Kyn Finvara Maker's Kit Contract


Ill Gotten Games produces 3D-printable models and terrain pieces to be used with commonly available games, as well as our own inclusive systems. We attempt to make as much of our art available through the open source 3D printing and and gaming communities, while maintaining non-commercial resale rights. This contract grants specific permissions as purchased through the Kyn Finvara Maker's Kit. Ill Gotten Games appreciates your support and adherence to this contract.

  1. Description

    We, Ill Gotten Games, provide Kyn Finvara Maker's Kit buyers with all of the raw components utilized in the generation of the goblin models and terrain (goblin dummies, parts, architectural components). With these parts, Ill Gotten Games is granting the buyer license permission to sell new custom pieces they generate (in both digital and printed forms).


  2. Grant of Rights

    Ill Gotten Games retains rights to all individual components. Completed pieces sold and distributed must be unique to the individual distributing and may not be completed models also sold by Ill Gotten Games nor reproductions of completed pieces also generated by Ill Gotten Games.


  3. Cost/Payment

    The Kyn Finvara Maker's Kit will be considered paid in full at purchase. No artist royalties are presumed nor expected, nor will refunds be provided once files have been provided.


  4. Changes

    Ill Gotten Games retains rights to make changes to parts. If changes/updates are made to models that have already been released, updated files may be available upon request.


  5. Cancellation

    Maker's Kit purchasers may lose granted permissions should they not adhere to the requirements outlined in this contract.


  6. Artist Credit

    All advertising, electronic and otherwise, shall include artist attribution to Ill Gotten Games, with links to the artist's website at


  7. Extension of Rights

    Maker's Kit buyers understand that the rights to generate, distribute, and sell their models and creations do not extend beyond the components provided as part of the Kyn Finvara Maker's Kit purchase. Further, the rights do not extend to any other entities beyond the individual buyer.


  8. Acceptance of Terms

    Both parties understand that this contract is binding and overrides the non-commercial clause generally provided in Ill Gotten Games' models and terrain. That override only applies as expressly stated in this contract.


    by Maker's Kit Buyer at time of purchase and by Ill Gotten Games as of the generation of this contract on July 28, 2018.